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Incognito™ Hidden Braces in Beverly Hills, CA

Traditional metal braces straighten teeth successfully, but their appearance is so obvious that many patients feel they should forgo treatment and preserve their self-esteem. What if Dr. Dovi Prero could successfully hide your braces? Incognito Hidden Braces are a revolutionary advancement in the field of lingual braces, fitting safely behind teeth instead of in front of them for a virtually invisible result. With the help of this solution from Prero Orthodontics, patients smile confidently as they work towards a better, brighter look.

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How do Incognito Hidden Braces work?

Like traditional braces, Incognito Hidden Braces consist of brackets and wires. However, state-of-the-art technology is utilized to create an appliance that’s 100% customized for your unique smile. Once they’re bonded to your smile, they get to work creating the beautiful results you deserve. Anyone who is concerned about the appearance of their teeth benefit from Incognito Hidden Braces!

In addition to their aesthetically pleasing placement, Incognito Hidden Braces offer several other valuable benefits. These include:

Living with Incognito Hidden Braces

Once Incognito Hidden Braces are placed, patients typically need to undergo an adjustment process that lasts a couple of weeks. This occurs because braces are located close to your tongue, which affects speech. If needed, Dr. Prero provides you with special wax to ease the transition, and our recommendation is to eat and speak as you normally would until you’re able to overcome the effect.

It’s also crucial to continue practicing diligent oral hygiene when wearing Incognito Hidden Braces. Electric toothbrushes can be a big help, and mouthwashes are safe to use. Don’t forget to floss!